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Fitzgerald Shipyard is the only active ship repair facility with a 60'-wide, marine railway for vessels of 1600-ton located in the Boston Harbor. Working from our 10-acre waterfront site, our procedures and personnel are qualified to meet the rigors of the United States Coast Guard and certification standards of the American Bureau of Shipping.

We cater to maritime dependent industries and serve many satisfied repeat clients of New England and along the Eastern Seaboard that require ongoing vessel maintenance, extensive ship repair, restoration, and expert services including:

Crane and forklift
Coating application
Engine & propulsion unit repair/retrofit
Fitting & welding
(ABS Certified)
Machinery repairs and maintenance
Navigation upgrades & retrofitting
Preservation & restoration
Rigging & tuning of sailing vessels


Our historic 10-acre waterfront facility in Chelsea, Massachusetts has played an integral role in the historic Boston Harbor by operating continuously since 1631.

<Katie T. Moran Tug >

<Nantucket Lightship LV-112>


Please visit our clients/projects pages and contact us today for your specific requirements, to scheduled routine work, or for emergency repair services. We welcome request for proposals (RFP's) on single vessels or maintenance of entire fleets.